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I am sick to death of dealing with you designers

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Mais um texto do blog cheio de ironias sobre o pesadelo que pode ser trabalhar com design. Abaixo eu selecionei alguns dos trechos mais interessantes do bate papo por e-mail entre Bob e David sobre um arquivo perdido que continha algumas imagens de um cartão de trabalho.

After fifteen years in the design industry and realising the only difference between sitting in front of a computer facilitating client’s requests and kneeling on the urine soaked floor of a truck stop bathroom giving five dollar blowjobs to men named Chuck for a living is the amount of urine on the floor.

As there were very few clients, I spent most of the day playing a game called ‘Staring at the wall wondering what happy people are doing’ and answering calls by either ending each sentence with ‘over’ like I was talking on a walkie talkie and making that “kchsssch” noise or pretending to be a confused Cantonese woman. Once, I locked my office door and spent the day nude.

The Jumping Frog charge relates to an event early on in my career when I made the mistake of offering a client a fixed price for a two hundred page website. Once the design was signed off and the build completed over a three month period, the client requested that each page include a frog jumping around the screen because his wife liked frogs. Purchasing a frog from the local pet store and filming it by holding a camera above and a cigarette lighter behind to persuade it to jump, I spent the next two weeks incorporating it into every page of the website. A few days later, the client described the addition as “very annoying” and requested it be removed and replaced with a 3D animated frog jumping onto the screen, holding a thumb up, and speaking the words “jump on down and grab a bargain.”

That may be so but the label “some dick who wants free shit” does not require CSI profiling and while I am no lawyer, I question whether testimony comprising of “I paid an agency to provide me files, I lost the files, I now demand some guy who used to work there give me new files” would have much legal standing but best of luck with that.

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