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A Culpa é toda do George Lucas

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Quando assisti a Star Wars quando era criança, eu sabia que aqueles filmes eram bons mas eu não sabia por que. Cresci e lembro da minha empolgação quando os filmes que explicariam a trilogia original foram lançados.

Fui na pré estréia da Ameaça Fantasma e assisti esse filme mais vezes do que eu poderia ter visto. Mas, a cada vez que eu assistia o filme, sabia que tinha algo errado.

Hoje, me deparei com um post no reddit que confirma todas as minhas teorias e que ainda cria ainda mais ideias na minha cabeça. Leia abaixo a resposta que jayman419 deu quando publicaram uma reportagem sobre Nicholas Cage defendendo a performance do Hayden Christiansen em Star Wars.

I don’t know about Nic Cage’s take on it, but to be fair to Hayden Christiansen he was very good in Shattered Glass (which came out between Episode II and Episode III), he was alright in Jumper and not bad at all in Awake. Is he a great actor? Meh. But he’s not as bad as that one role makes him seem, it’s just that’s the movie that most people saw.

George Lucas got the performances he wanted. I mean, he ended Jake Lloyd’s career… he was a promising young actor before Phantom Menace ruined his life.

If anyone deserves criticism for their performances in those films it’s Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman… who actually are great actors, with quality work both before and after the prequels. Even Sam Jackson kind of sucked, he’s way, way better than Mace Windu.

The only person who turned in any sort of decent performance was Liam Neeson. And really, he’s lucky enough to have checked out of the franchise early. Who knows what would have happened if he’d been in all three.

Here’s the thing. George Lucas has been simmering with anger for most of his career. His wife was one of the most talented story editors in the business. Bar none. She made concrete changes to the story that really saved the first movie, and had a significant impact on the entire franchise.

Credentials? She worked on Taxi Driver. She worked on two other Scorsese films. She helped Lucas with THX 1138 and American Graffiti and all three Star Wars films, and even pitched in a bit on Raiders. Of the six Oscars Star Wars won, one was hers for editing Lucas’ mess.

But she left George for another man, and somehow he got Hollywood in the divorce. She flips property now.

George Lucas didn’t even direct anything between A New Hope and the prequels. (My theory is there was a divorce settlement that ended around 1996 or so.) In between, his entire career has been milking Star Wars and Indy, both gifts to him from his wife.

So the prequels (and the changes he made to the original) were supposed to prove that he was the genius. To undo some of the influences that Marcia Lucas had on his films and show the fans “the movie I wanted it to be“. In his mind, he had to show that Star Wars belonged to him, and him alone. But the fans hated it. They hated the changes. They hated the Prequels.

Lucas was so salty that he retired and blamed the fans for it. He flat out said there’d never be another film, because he had no ideas. He claims that he always wanted to make documentaries anyway.

Then along comes an even better solution. Disney comes up with just stupid money for the entire fucking thing, so much he can’t pass that up. It’s perfect, sell it all… lock, stock, and barrel, and then give away all the money. Forget passing Star Wars down to his children.

For almost 20 years, this has been his life. And when he finally did “choose to run”, he just ended up proving to the world what he’d known in his heart all along. He was a better filmmaker when he was working with the woman who ripped that heart out.

No. It’s easier to burn it down and salt the earth. To disavow any interest (personal or vested) in the franchise and pretend like the entire thing was a lark he never cared about.

E ai, você concorda com isso tudo? Agora, acredito ainda mais que a culpa do fracasso da história desses filmes é totalmente do George Lucas. É isso.


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