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Estupros em Dubai

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Não sei muito bem o que o pessoal enxerga em Dubai mas eu já tive uma visão similar de glamour e sucesso no meio do deserto. Mas, acompanhar notícias como essa abaixo acabam destruindo toda vontade que tinha de conhecer a cidade estado. Afinal, coisas como essa acontecem e ninguém é punido. Não foi a primeira vez e nem vai ser a última. Por isso, concordo com o boicote ao país até que eles revejam suas leis sobre estupro.

On May 13 last year, Rosy met a woman who identified herself as Anjali Agrawal, through a friend. Anjali runs a boutique called Memsaab in Khar (West). In their first meeting, Anjali told her that she had a boutique with the same name in Dubai, and that she was looking for an assistant manager for the same — someone who could manage exhibitions and the business in the city. Anjali (50) promised Rosy a salary that she couldn’t refuse, at Rs 4 lakh per month.

Rosy agreed, and Anjali extracted Rs 10 lakh from her on the pretext of arranging for her a visa, air tickets and accommodation. “Thinking about a better future, I paid Rs 10 lakh to Anjali, after taking a loan from my uncle,’ said Rosy. On June 1 last year, Rosy left for Dubai with Anjali. After reaching Dubai airport, Anjali confiscated Rosy’s passport, saying that it had to be deposited at the reception of the hotel where they would occupy a suite.

Rosy was then confined in a 17th floor apartment. On June 2, Anjali and other three women kept designer dresses and different kinds of alcohol in her room. That evening, four men barged into the apartment and started drinking. Anjali introduced them as her friends who had come to have a good time. Around 10 pm, Anjali told an alarmed Rosy that one of her ‘friends’ liked her, and was ready to pay 3,000 Dirham for sexual favours. Rosy objected furiously and a quarrel ensued. Soon, Anjali started assaulting her.

“Anjali told me she had been involved in the prostitution business for the past 25 years. She claimed to have contacts in the Mumbai and Dubai police, as well as with ministers. She said that she would kill me if I dared to register a complaint against her,” said Rosy.

Mumbai fashion designer raped by 13 men in Dubai

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